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We are a sports management company based in Pune, India. Our story is that , We looked around and studied the 'state of Sports in India' and asked ourselves,

What can we do that can impact the sports in India?
How can we add value to Indian Sports Consumer?
How can we lead Corporate India to use Sports as a Marketing tool?
While making the impact, how can we create a sustainable business?

We figured the biggest impact that we could make is to get corporate India to Invest in sports. Our team understands sports, brands and sports consumer. Today, we are leading corporate India to leverage sports to their benefit; we are showing Corporate India "How to use sports as a marketing tool"; and while doing so the entire sports eco-system benefits! Thus our service/business creates a win-win for all - the brand, the fan and the sport.

Everything we do is guided by the principle  are we creating a program that meets our customers' business needs? Are we creating a great sports experience for the fan/participant? Are we making a positive impact to Indian Sport?

Team Ksports Management and Consult is crazy about sports and brands! Our office is a tribute to our sporting heroes, brands and marketing geniuses who built those brands! Not just sports and business - some dabble in photography, some paint, some are great at debating... Hell, our founder plays tabla, listens to classical music and plays squash few times a week! All this passion inspires the work we do for our clients.

We are nice people to work with. We are a passionate bunch. We love what we do and that's why we work tirelessly! Today, we have office in Pune.

If you think Team Ksports Management and Consult is the company you'd like to partner with, we sure would like to meet you...

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